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CAT 3 Training... Getting Connected

CAT 3 training focuses on training the 3rd category of senses present in the human body.  They are called Interoceptive senses and deal with data originating within the body itself.    More specifically, they deal with the brains ability to accurately track the position of your bodyparts in space and efficiently control them.   Basically, they are in charge of “connecting” you to your parts.  It is precisely this sense of connection that is lost in today’s sedentary/inactive lifestyles.  Loss of this connection results in injury, pain, improper movement patterns and poor performance.

This program may be utilized as a part of a prescribed physical therapy program for an injury or may be utilized as a stand-alone tool for injury prevention, improved athletic performance or just for fitness.  The program begins with testing of key areas of the human frame with reference to Stability, Movement Patterns and Flexibilty.   A program will be implemented to address any deficiencies in those 3 areas.  Individuals are progressed through the program at their own pace.